Independent Portfolio Management

It can be hard to find a broker who truly has their clients’ best interests at heart. As an independent broker, we are not a part of the Major Member Firm brokerage model. This means we have no pressure or incentive to sell investment banking or mutual fund products that are created and managed in house.

Rather, because of our independent model, we have the ability to seek out well established companies with solid financials as well as strong and experienced management teams. We have always operated on an open basis, choosing and maintaining relationships with outstanding organizations who value providing sound advice and service to their clientele.

When you invest with us, your securities are either held in a brokerage account through Westminster Financial Securities Broker Dealer with Pershing as the asset custodian, or alternatively your securities are held directly at the mutual fund family, with the fund family’s custodian in charge of the safe keeping of your assets.

We make a point to:

– Operate only through well- established intermediaries, like Pershing, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of New York, who know the markets and can respond your service needs
– Invest your assets with well-established mutual funds using experienced management professionals in organized structures that work to help lower your investment risk

At Investors Services of Hartford, we invest money on behalf of individuals, families and small businesses through mutual funds or similar investment company products.  We look to create and build diversified portfolios, with an eye to diversification and tailoring each portfolio to the unique risk tolerance of each of our clients.

We are able to:

– Manage existing individual stock or bond portfolios for prospective clients
– Create and build diversified portfolios using mutual funds and other independently managed securities products